Actual Index of the ATALAYA Cinderella Magazine


WINTER 2014/15 VOL. 40 NO. 1 (WHOLE NO. 80)


Index ATALAYA Cinderella Magazine, 1-80, 1975-2015


ATALAYA is an international magazine devoted to Cindrellas, “dead country stamps and other philatelic oddities. It is published twice a year in cooperation with the Halmstad  Philatelic Society. Contributions from readers are encouraged. The deadline for the next issue is Sept.15, 2010.  Send all correspondence to:

Christer Brunström

Kungsgatan 23

SE-302 45 Halmstadt, Sweden


A sample copy of ATALAYA is US$3 (or €3); a two-issue subscription is $6 (or 5€). Twenty back issues are 25$ (or 20 € in Europe). A 25word ad is $1 (€1). Full page $20 (€20). Please remit US or EURO banknotes if possible. UK readers may remit payment in mint British stamps (NVI stamps please) or a GBP 5 banknote wich will cover the next three issues.

An IRC is worth $1 to me. Cheques and money orders cannot be accepted.

Svenska läsare kan betala till mitt PlusGiro 32 99 85 - 6